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Buddy Miles
Buddy Miles
Bicentennial Gathering of the Tribes

Original Release Date:  1976

Track Listing
  • 1. Now's the Time (You've Got to Be Real)
  • 2. Where You Gonna Run to Lady
  • 3. Inflation
  • 4. I've Got to Be Me
  • 5. Grecian Lady
  • 6. Won't You Be My Friend
  • 7. Searchin' (For Love)
  • 8. Reuben "The Hurrican"
  • 9. Wake Me Shake Me
  • Dickey Betts: Guitar, Slide Guitar
  • Buddy Miles: Organ, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Composer, Drums, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Clavinet, Producer
  • Ben Schultz: Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Sitar, Producer, Engineer
  • Pete Carlson: Engineer
  • Paul Cacia: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Boyd Albritton: Guitar
  • Don Beck: Organ, Keyboards
  • Bobby Berge: Percussion, Drums
  • Michael Braunstein: Engineer
  • Tom Brey: Trumpet
  • Paul Cacra: Trumpet
  • Bruce Hensal: Engineer
  • Kelly Kotera: Producer, Engineer
  • Steve Lawrence: Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
  • John Maller: Organ, Drums
  • Jerry Stevens: Vocals (Background)
  • Kenny Walther: Trombone
  • Ken Walther: Trombone
  • Wanda Watkins: Vocals (Background)
  • Rick Smith: Engineer
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